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Happy Kitty Day!

2010-08-17 21:31:21 by groovykitty

We have always had a love-hate relationship, newgrounds. I just want to say, even after all these years, that we still will continue to Make Newgrounds better by bombarding it with hilarity that it creates. We couldn't do it without you newgrounds.

From myself, and the entire Kitty Krew: FUCK YOU, BUT WITH LOVE


The Kitty Krew

Also, cocks.

Happy Kitty Day!

What the fuck?

2010-08-06 02:52:05 by groovykitty

What the fuck newgrounds, its been a week. When the fuck will you let me upload audio? Groovykitty doesn't like faggots, he eats them for breakfast.

New Layout, Audio on the WAY. Also, the game. Also, cocks.

2010-08-02 18:52:20 by groovykitty

New profile layout, with updated banner, icons and avatars. How sexy is that? I have two audio submissions on the way, the Dub-Step track and a sick loop that I made awhile ago. Wait for them, faggots.

New Audio Track SOON!

2010-07-31 13:56:54 by groovykitty

To be uploaded soon is a dubstep track. Its a fantastic piece, and should be a mildly successful. Stay tuned.

Kitty Krew is no more!

2008-01-08 21:45:10 by groovykitty


Kitty Krew is no more!